You know how when you’re walking down the street, and you pass a construction site, and you see that they’ve dug all around a sewer manhole, and you can’t help but notice that there’s sort of a rubber gasket thing around the top of the manhole, and you ask yourself “What is that thing? What does it do? Who makes it?”

Of course you don’t. Most people don’t even think about that sort of thing. That is, unless they’re part of one of the thousands of companies across the U.S. that specialize in the manufacture of the tools and supplies used to build and maintain the infrastructure of this great nation. A company like Adaptor.

Based out of West Allis, Wisconsin, Adaptor specializes in high-quality, American-made products for the water and sewer industry, ranging from valve box stabilizers and manhole seals to protective wraps. Founded in 1976 by industry contractors Stan and Mike Gagas, Adaptor helps cities, towns and villages across the country save time and money by reducing water and sewer maintenance costs.

Adaptor recently hired Celtic to re-envision the company’s brand identity, logo and overall corporate messaging. Celtic worked with Adaptor’s executive team to identify a brand archetype that clearly defined the company and its position in the market. Celtic used the brand archetype to create a new identity for Adaptor, including a logo, brand copy and graphic treatments. Once the brand identity was established, Celtic rolled it out across a wide variety of marketing communication platforms, including the company’s website, advertising, marketing materials, trade show booth and more.

“Adaptor has been in business for more than 43 years and has built an outstanding reputation in the water and sewer industry,” said Brian Meehan, president of Celtic. “Our job was to refresh their brand identity to better reflect who they are today. We created a strong brand platform that differentiates the company and positions them for the next 40 years.”

And by the way, that rubber thing? That’s a manhole seal. It prevents water from getting into the sewer system where it’s not supposed to. And it’s made by Adaptor.