Super Bowl LIII certainly wasn’t the most exciting football game in recent memory, but at least we can always look forward to the commercials. Brands tried their best to grab our attention on Sunday night with robots (so many robots), cute dogs and big name celebrities. When so many advertisers are trying desperately to cut through the clutter, few typically succeed. But we did have some favorites. Here are the commercials that Celtic was talking about come Monday morning:


NFL – The 100-Year Game

“The commercial perfectly reflected the NFL brand by focusing on its rich history, great players, iconic moments and physical nature of the game. It was action packed from the beginning to the end – very entertaining – and featured cameos from NFL legends like Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Franco Harris, Mike Singletary, Terry Bradshaw, Deion Sanders, etc.” – Brian

“I really like this one for the same reasons Brian noted. It also generated the most conversation and engagement by far among the people I was watching the game with. Oh, and the woman in the spot is Sam Gordon, who won the Game Changer award at the NFL Honors last year. She’s scored over 30 touchdowns, has 2,000 rushing yards and 65 tackles. That’s some serious girl power right there!” – Cindy


Hyundai – The Elevator

“Jason Bateman always has the right amount of sarcasm and comedic timing to pull off an ad showcasing all the terrible things that people hate to do. It reminded me of the SNL skit though, and I was waiting for David S. Pumpkins to show up!” – Kristen J.

“It was funny, not overdone, and struck a nice balanced tone. And it actually kind of built up a little suspense as far as what the product was, at least enough that I actually remember it was for Hyundai.” –Jack

“Casting makes this commercial. Bateman is pretty funny in anything he’s in. It’s a concept we can all relate to, but without Bateman pulling it off, it may have fallen short.” – Kurt


Stella Artois – Change up the Usual

“Can’t say I’m a huge Stella Artois fan, but I can fully support its partnership with and The Dude’s return. A special appearance from The Most Interesting Man in the World certainly helped its cause in my eyes too. All in all, if you didn’t care for this commercial, then I guess that’s just like, your opinion, man.” ­– Peyton

“I liked the Stella Ar-Toes spot. I was never a Sex & the City fan but got the Carrie Bradshaw cosmo reference, and you can’t go wrong with The Dude. Dude abides.” – Cindy


Microsoft – We all Win

“Inclusive technology, emotional ad with an important message: When everybody plays, we all win.” – Kristin P.


Pepsi – More than OK

“In any other situation, I’d probably say Pepsi was trying too hard with their over-use of celebrities, but I like when a brand can poke fun at itself. It was a creative and entertaining way to acknowledge Pepsi’s status as America’s second choice soda (don’t @ me). I’m also a big Steve Carrell fan, so I guess they chose the right celebrity to win me over.” – Katie


Bud Light/Game of Thrones – Joust

“When I heard ‘Dilly Dilly’ I was annoyed, but then was pleasantly surprised when dragons flew in and The Mountain showed up to rip off the Bud Light Knight’s head. :)” – Kristen J.


Avengers – Endgame Trailer

“My favorite spot was the new trailer for Avengers Endgame. It was the most entertaining and exciting thing I watched all night. Cop out? Maybe, but that’s more of an indictment on the other advertisers.” – Jeff


Super Bowl VIII Intro Video

“While not technically a commercial, it was super memorable and funny. Even at 4 minutes long, the story and Peyton Manning’s humor kept me engaged the entire time. This was a great example of how great casting can make or break a concept – Manning is a natural. I still remember his SNL skit when he was firing footballs at the kids.” – Kurt