We love being outside running, biking, hiking, and enjoying nature. So, we were thrilled when we had the opportunity to work with the Ice Age Trail Alliance (IATA) on a number of projects. The Ice Age National Scenic Trail is one of only 11 such trails in the country, a group that includes the iconic Appalachian Trail and Pacific Crest Trail. The IATA is the organization that protects, builds, and maintains the 1,000-mile national scenic trail running through Wisconsin. The all-volunteer non-profit works year-round to ensure this beautiful treasure is available for us now, and for generations to come.

Ice Age Logo

Giving a brand a breath of fresh air

Celtic has worked closely with the IATA on lots of projects over the years, including a complete redesign of iceagetrail.org. Gorgeous trail photography is featured throughout the site giving visitors a glimpse of some of the things they can see on their hike. Users can also plan their hike by downloading itineraries, which were also designed by the Celtic crew.

Ice Age Website

Over the years we have also been responsible for creating logos for IATA programs including the Saunters youth program which gets children out on the trail and connecting with nature each summer, and the Trail Communities program which invites businesses on the trail to let everyone know they are proud to support the IATA by displaying decals and brochures in their shops.

Ice Age Brand Style Guide
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