Milwaukee has plenty of fantastic festivals and events going on all summer long. With so much competition, it can be a challenge for even something as big as the world’s largest celebration of Irish music and culture to get attention – and attendance. That’s where Celtic’s team comes in.


Since 2010, Celtic has worked closely with festival organizers to promote the four-day event. Our creative, PR, and media teams join forces to create a comprehensive campaign for the festival. To celebrate the festival’s 35th anniversary, we created a limited edition bobblehead of Paddy, the festival’s longtime mascot. The bobble was given away free to the first 500 festival guests, as well as delivered by our PR team to key media outlets in the lead up to the festival. That effort, along with social media buzz, made the Paddy bobblehead a must-have souvenir that year.

Irish Bobblehead
Irish Fest Banner

Along with memorable promo events (notice all the green lights around town in August? That’s our Turning Milwaukee Green promo!) we deliver creative advertising that’s seen in print, on outdoor boards, and online, as well as carried over to pieces on the festival grounds.

Though the bulk of our work supports the annual festival, we also lend a hand to other events presented by CelticMKE, the festival’s parent company, all year long.

Bronz Fonz
Irish Baseball Promo
Irish Outdoor
Irish Outdoor