For a business to not only survive, but thrive while remaining one of the oldest companies in America’s Dairyland, you have to know how to roll with the punches and evolve. That’s exactly what Kusel Equipment Co. of Watertown has done for the past 170+ years, morphing from a tinsmith to a cheese-making equipment creator, before adding industrial drains to their stainless-steel manufacturing lineup. Despite these changes, the one consistent throughout their history has been a proud legacy of hard work and being a trusted partner to their customers.

Restoring the Luster of a Proud Brand

As Kusel was turning the page to the next chapter in this legacy, they needed to cement their brand personality so their true identity could come alive in all company communications. Kusel teamed up with Celtic on this brand refresh and corporate identity work.

To put the shine back in their brand, we did a deep dive into everything Kusel-researching stainless steel, familiarizing ourselves with their full product line, understanding their customers’ needs and speaking in-depth with their employees, everyone from the greenest welder to senior leadership.

Stainless Products. Trusted Solutions.

Once that research was complete, we used our findings to build a new brand identity, develop a refreshed logo and establish a distinct tone for their messaging. This modernized identity positioned Kusel as a trusted partner and stainless-steel solutions provider and was first seen on their new website. This new website was a multiphase project that gradually added more customer-focused features and functionality. With the groundwork for a new archetype completed, the website was designed to have a user-friendly web experience that was consistent with the brand’s newly identified persona. Check out Kusel’s website in a real-world setting

We didn’t stop there. We filtered the new identity into an updated company brochure, marketing materials, trade show signage, print ads and product sell sheets-all of which our creative team put together.

Following the website launch and new campaign efforts, Kusel realized an immediate 13% increase in business