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The Miller Brewery Tour is a perfect way to spend an hour or two whether you’re a beer lover, Milwaukee history buff, or someone looking to get a peek at one of the biggest beer distribution operations in the game. Celtic’s creative team was tapped to create messaging for print and digital media to promote the tour.

After a research visit (okay, maybe more than one) the Celtic team created a series of print and digital ads featuring bold headlines that captured the joy Miller fans feel upon visiting their favorite beer’s HQ. Why do they feel so great? The tagline/hashtag, “#Because Miller” says it all.

For two years, the headline-driven ads encouraged Milwaukeeans and tourists alike to visit the very real “Valley of Beer” to see Miller’s operation and enjoy a free sample of one of the city’s most famous brews.

Where Every Hour Is Happy

In 2017, it was time to refresh the campaign’s look and feel. So, Celtic created a new look for the tour’s advertising with a retro-modern flavor and a nod to the brewery’s famous beer bridge conveyer belt. Along with the new print and digital campaigns, Celtic also developed beer-tastic Snapchat filters for the brand, allowing users to personalize and share their tour experience.

Miller Conveyor