The weather is finally starting to warm up and all we can think about is drinking a cold beer, walking on the shores of Lake Michigan, soaking up the sun and listening to good music. Luckily, we can do all of those things at once when Summerfest comes around.

Summerfest boasts itself as the “World’s Largest Music Festival,” and they’re not wrong. Over three different weekends, the festival hosts over 800 bands on 12 stages and nearly 1,000,000 fans each year.

The Summerfest grounds are just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Celtic’s office. In the past, we’ve visited Summerfest during lunch to listen to local artists. And we’ve had the pleasure of working with Summerfest before, so you can be sure that we’re excited when the festival comes around each year.

This year, we’re doing something different. We’ve put together Celtic’s Summerfest Lineup – smaller than Summerfest’s lineup, but definitely with some bands you’ll recognize. These are the bands we’re excited about visiting Milwaukee this year and will probably listen to.

Celtic's Summerfest Lineup

Brian, President & Owner: I’m a product of the late 70s/early 80s, so I’m always up for some classic rock. I’m going to attempt to see 38 Special on June 30 and Styx on July 7. I’m also going to check out some hair metal bands.

Chad, Creative Director: When the temps hit 80°F, the sun is shining, and the beer is cold, my head and heart start craving Summerfest. Sit me down at any stage at any time and I’ll be a happy camper. With that said, I do star a few must-sees each year. Here’s my quick list:

As you can see, I like to mix it up. This list might flex a few times between now and then because there are lots of other bands I’d like to check out. I’m hoping to discover a bunch of new favorites. Wish me luck.

Cindy, Account Service Director: Elvis Costello because he is awesome, and I’ve been a fan since 1982… when I was 2 years old. 😉

The Avett Brothers because they know how to throw one heck of a hootenanny. Or Lord Huron because I could listen to them forever. Or I could spend the whole run reliving my 20s by seeing Smash Mouth, Collective Soul, Soul Asylum, Jesus Jones, and The Gufs.

And I will probably go see new to me singers Mat Kearney and Noah Kahan.

Elizabeth, Graphic Designer: I’m not a fan of crowds, however because I’m all about being a team player, I’d look forward to seeing Lord Huron in the Summerfest lineup this year. Lord Huron has a blend of sounds that’s unique but familiar.

Jan, Financial Manager: Being a senior citizen I prefer soft rock & country rock. I’d enjoy listening to the Zac Brown Band or icon James Taylor with his gifted guitar playing music and songs.

Kurt, Vice President: Cheap Trick. Why do I want to see them? As Bluto once said, “Burp” Why Not!  Seriously, the question isn’t why I want to see Cheap Trick … it’s why the hell wouldn’t I? Rock Royalty.

Elvis Costello. Too good to pass up. If Elvis Costello is coming to the Brew City to sing at the Big Gig, then I need to do my part and make damn sure I’m there to take this performance in. Big fan for a long time – charged up to hear this one.

Kylie, Public Relations Specialist: The bands on the top of my list are Walk the Moon, AJR and lovelytheband. Both bands have been favorites of mine since I was a teenager. And out of everyone on the lineup, I think I have the most songs from them saved to my Spotify.

Whenever I listen to their songs, they mostly remind me of summer – blue skies, car windows down, and music turned up loud. I guess that’s perfect for Summerfest, right?

I’m interested in these bands coming to Milwaukee, too:

And I’ll definitely put on some bellbottoms and jam out to “Boogie Wonderland,” “September,” and “Let’s Groove” with Earth, Wind & Fire.

Lori, Office Manager: I have not been to Summerfest, much less a concert in at least 15 years (but it is probably much longer, I just can’t remember).

Not that I don’t love music, I just have not and do not plan on going to see anyone perform. I will be sitting on my porch relaxing while all of the music fans go to watch in person.

Maggie, Social Media Manager: I would love to see Odesza, Sam Feldt and Sofi Tukker at Summerfest. Electronic and house music are some of my favorite genres, and these artists are an awesome mix of those.

I’m especially excited to see them at Summerfest, which is the perfect place to dance, sing, be surrounded by your favorite music, and fall in love with something new! I always look forward to visiting a stage with an artist I’m not familiar with and it turns out to be the best set ever!

Nate, Creative Director: This year’s lineup is once again strong every day. Zac Brown and Dave Matthews Band are top on my list as bands that I’ll specifically go to the grounds for.

What’s always great about Summerfest though is the ability to visit other stages throughout the grounds to discover new artists or take in hits from bands you’ve been listening to for years. I mean, who’s not going to stop to see Cypress Hill sing “Insane in the Brain” or “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor, in person?

Enjoy The Music

As you can see, we have a busy festival ahead of us. If things go according to plan, you can bet at least one of us will be there every weekend.

Summerfest is a big part of Milwaukee’s culture, and we’re so happy to be right in the middle of it! To prep for the big festival, we made a playlist of all the bands we plan to see. So, take a listen, and get as excited for Summerfest as we are.