For all the talk of intimate experiences, niche hobbies and personalized services, we Americans also love BIG things.

Millions upon millions of eyes are glued to the sport’s biggest event, the Super Bowl, every year. We love seeing surfers conquering monster waves, not little ankle slappers. Think McDonald’s would be as successful with the Little Mac? Contest winners never get a mini check to celebrate; they get the big one!

We drive big SUVs, eat big steaks, save up for big homes, watch big TVs and even embrace Bigfoot as a successful corporate sponsor.

Most of all, though, we Americans want to have fun, BIG fun. Well, it’s pretty tough to find a bigger source of fun than the world’s biggest music festival, Summerfest.

2021 marked the first year we partnered with Summerfest to promote the biggest and baddest music festival around. This work resulted in an expansive media strategy with a buy covering key TV and radio stations, streaming services, social platforms, digital and outdoor boards focused on Southeastern Wisconsin and Chicagoland.

Beyond a razor-sharp media buy, we wanted Summerfest’s creative assets to stand out as well. In an attempt to give more than just dates, times and lineup messaging, we developed a branding campaign that sought to share the different Summerfest experiences one could experience. Through the use of personas like the Summerfest Lifer, who has seen it all and done it all at Summerfest, to our Fest Freshman who is still finding her way around the lakefront but having a blast nonetheless. The idea being essentially no matter who you are, you’re going to have a great time at Summerfest.

“I think everything we did from a creative standpoint screams fun,” said Jeff Faralli, Celtic’s creative director. “Obviously, Summerfest is all about the music, but we really wanted to show how people from different walks of life can have fun at the festival in their own way.”

Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open to catch our work currently running to promote this year’s Summerfest. And in case you missed it, here’s the TV spot we produced: