Jeff Faralli is our creative director. He’s been with us since the beginning of time (actually 14 years). We can always count on Jeff for a hearty laugh as well as random movies quotes, loud music, practical jokes and other fun annoyances throughout the day. He’s a unique character (to say the least) and one heck of a creative lead.

Here are some random tidbits about the creative force behind our agency…

  • I’ve been with Celtic for 14 years, though it feels like five…where has the time gone!?!
  • When it comes to music, I love any kind of Rock, including Metal, Classic, Hairband, Hard and Christian. In the creative department we have Flashback Fridays where any type of 80’s rock can be heard — loud and proud!
  • There are a lot of brands I admire because of the product they deliver and the creativity they display. I appreciate brands like Nike, Apple, Disney, Starbucks, Harley-Davidson, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Packers, Cubs, 1King Worship Wear and, of course, Celtic.
  • Creativity is used every second of every day by everyone. It’s a new idea or a new invention. It expands peoples’ minds, gets people to think differently, makes us laugh and can even moves us to tears. It can be the solution to a problem — big or small. We were given the ability to think creatively and discover new things because we are constantly striving and trying to figure out a better way. Without it, we would still be sitting there trying to figure out how to make fire and survive.
  • I have a bunch of tattoos. They are like my kids… all of them are my favorites and special in some way, shape and form.
  • Working in our industry is a privilege and should be fun (even with the pains we sometimes go through). The minute it stops becoming fun is the time to move on.