Celtic Inc. is proud to announce its partnership with WaterStone Bank, a community-focused bank serving the Milwaukee area for over 100 years.

Celtic’s partnership with WaterStone Bank aims to enhance the bank’s online presence and improve customer engagement through social media and SEO. Celtic will be responsible for developing the social media and content strategy, creating engaging campaigns, and improving the visibility, functionality, and discoverability of the WaterStone website. The end result will be a better online experience for customers, with easier access to information about the bank’s products and services.

WaterStone Bank was established in 1921 and offers a full suite of personal and business banking products. With over 14 branches in the greater Milwaukee area, the bank has a strong presence in the community and is committed to serving its customers. WaterStone Bank is also the parent company to Waterstone Mortgage, which can lend in 48 states, further expanding its reach and ability to serve its customers.

One of WaterStone Bank’s missions is to engage with its customers at all levels, and this partnership will help them achieve this goal. Improved social media management will help the bank to keep its customers informed about its products and services and the investment it’s making in the communities it serves. The enhanced SEO will ensure that customers can easily find the information they’re looking for and navigate the website with ease.

This partnership is a significant step for both Celtic and WaterStone Bank. It’s an opportunity for Celtic to showcase its expertise in social media and SEO, and for WaterStone Bank to distinguish itself as a leader in the community banking industry.

Celtic is honored to be working with WaterStone Bank and is committed to helping the bank achieve its goals. We encourage customers and community members to visit the WaterStone Bank website and social media channels to stay informed and engaged with the bank.

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