Our first everbeer-bracket taste off

With must-see college basketball taking over the month of March, Celtic wanted to produce something unique and fun for our social channels. You know, an idea that’s timely, shows off our creative chops, and involves beer. Yes beer! Because the first big day of the NCAA tournament was on St. Patrick’s Day – Celtic’s canonized holiday.

It didn’t take long for our thirsty thoughts to lead us to,
a beer-bracket taste off!

Having a big idea like that feels euphoric. That is until you start ironing out the details, poking holes in the concept, and stressing about how it all is going to come together. UGH!

But the Celtic team pushed and pulled its way through all the “what if we…”, “how about…”, and “WTF” to give wings to our big idea.

With the help of Milwaukee Brewing Company, Celtic was able to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day AND March Madness with Sláinte Slam, our first ever beer-bracket taste off.

Special thanks to Milwaukee Brewing Co., Mike Christensen, VP of Sales at MKE Brewing, and Jon Baade for helping us cranking out this awesome promotion.

By the way, Celtic experienced a 10X spike in impressions and close to a 5X bump in engagement across Facebook and LinkedIn, per video. These are solid results if we were being measured on those KPI. But the long-term impact of being creative, having fun, and producing quality work gives us the most satisfaction. Everything else is bonus.

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