I don’t have to tell you that the COVID-19 crisis has dramatically altered our collective market space. While it’s impossible to know how long it will be before we get back to “normal,” we all have to adjust how we present our brand in this new world. Not only must this adjustment happen quickly, it has to be done carefully.

We assembled our leadership team at Celtic – along with our good friends at Ascedia – to give some guidance on how to manage your brand during these uncertain times. Here are five tactics/approaches we’re using for our clients right now to ensure they stay top of mind with customers while remaining authentic.


Now’s the time to focus your branding on what you’re doing to help customers through these tough times. A subtle sales message is perfectly fine, but find the right balance. Here’s a TV spot we recently produced for Educators Credit Union that strikes a nice balance.

Social Media

You should ramp up your social media presence right now. It’s the easiest and fastest way to get your message out. Share human stories about how you’re handling the current situation. Highlight products or services you’re currently offering that may help with COVID-19. Ask questions and be responsive to your followers.


Use short videos as a tool to engage with customers and share ideas. They don’t have to be anything fancy, in fact, it’s better if they’re not. A stripped-down message will communicate authenticity far better than a lavish production.

Virtual Trade Shows

Most trade shows have been canceled for 2020. Don’t let a cancellation deter you from meeting with your key customers. Understanding travel is not possible for many right now; take your message to them. Set up a virtual trade show highlighting all the products/services you planned to promote at the real trade show. This tactic also works for virtual meetings, conferences, etc.

Public Relations


Media outlets (trade and consumer) are always looking for good story ideas. Pitch your subject matter experts and how they can provide perspective on specific topics. Don’t be too self-promotional, but if your organization is helping with the response to the COVID-19 crisis, be sure to highlight that. Think about a reporter’s needs and the interests of his/her audience.

And last but not least, stay positive. There’s a lot of news out there right now and, unfortunately, much of it is rather grim. We all need some good news to help us through these tough times, so if you have a good story to tell, don’t be afraid to share.