In part three of our series on video marketing (catch part two here)  we’re taking a look at how video can perform so well on screens big and small.

Responsive design drives digital marketing

Websites that don’t work on all devices are a thing of the past (or should be). Thanks to responsive design, content including video can look great to your customers no matter what device they’re using to access it.

Think about how a short paragraph you’re reading on your laptop can feel like a novel when you read it on your phone. When your content doesn’t perform well across platforms, your business can lose traffic and ultimately potential sales.

A video on your site can hold a user’s attention and convey more information to them faster than an article can. Plus, using video on your social media feeds can help users get to know your brand and drive them to your website.

Your consumers have access to your brand no matter where they are; it’s imperative that your brand’s content is ready for them.

Video in Focus:How-To Video

A how-to video lets you be the expert your audience is looking for:

  • Share your knowledge of your industry
  • Help viewers solve a problem using your product or service
  • Position your brand as a thought-leader

How-to videos showcase your expertise and connect your brand with viewers looking for answers. In this short video, Starbucks shows viewers how to make a cold brew martini with their coffee at home:

Celtic can help

Celtic provides quality video production options to fit your brand’s needs.

From complex, multi-day shoots, to straightforward, simple productions, Celtic brings your vision to life with:
Strategy Development  | Concept Development | ScriptWriting | Story Boarding | Producing/Directing| Editing | Graphics | Animation (2D & 3D)

Our services range from a budget-friendly $1,500 production, to a high-end, “the sky’s the limit” production of $25,000+. It all comes down to what you need and what you’d like to achieve.

Ready to learn more? Connect with us to find out how adding video can help your brand get stronger in 2018 and beyond.

Keep an eye out for our next e-blast. We’ll be talking about how video can strengthen your brand’s identity, and sharing the benefits of testimonial videos.