For several years now, inbound marketing has been the “buzz” in the advertising and PR world. In simple terms, inbound marketing is about creating content that attracts people to your website, blog or social pages with the hope of converting them into loyal customers. Instead of running ads or sending out direct mailers (outbound marketing), you create content that your prospective customers desire.   

Should inbound marketing tactics replace traditional things like advertising, PR or direct mail? Of course not. Your marketing program should have a balanced approach. However, you need to seriously start looking at things like blogs, podcasts, video, eBooks, newsletters, white papers, SEO, social media and other forms of content marketing which serve to attract customers. Once you’ve captured their attention, you can start cultivating a relationship by asking people to “like” your page, subscribe to your channel or provide an email address.

The biggest challenges you’ll face when developing an inbound marketing strategy are:

1) Developing content that people actually care about. (Do you know what interests your customers?)

2) Delivering content through digital channels where your prospective customers live. (Do you know where your customers go for information?)

3) Tracking your ROI to determine what’s working and what’s not. (Are your inbound efforts producing sales leads?)

That’s where an agency like Celtic comes in. We have a team of researchers who can help you better understand your customers’ wants, desires and needs. We also have a team of specialists who develop custom content, including: blog posts, white papers, videos, search terms, social posts, branded graphics and more.

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