Advertising is an art form, but it’s not art for art’s sake. TV commercials, radio ads, print and more are all created with a specific goal in mind. That could be raising awareness of a product or cause, generating leads, or increasing a company’s sales. The goal, as well as the target audience and the brand’s identity, goes a long way toward shaping the creative before the first line of copy is written or sketch is drawn.

Obvious? Maybe. But not taking these important factors into account can result in ads that just don’t work, no matter how well written or beautifully designed they may be. Heck, some may even win fancy awards. But if they don’t accomplish the client’s goal then they didn’t serve the intended purpose.

At Celtic, we keep a project’s goals and purpose top-of-mind throughout the process. It gives us a framework that helps us shape ideas and focus our creativity. And, it ensures we deliver work that meets (or exceeds) our brand partners’ expectations.

We see ourselves as an extension of each client’s business. We listen, research, and gain a thorough understanding of a client’s products and services. Then, we create what we believe is the best, most effective campaign for their goals. We may be itching to try a new graphic technique, or have a little fun with trendy buzzwords in our copy, but if it doesn’t fit the brand and the goals we aren’t going to do it. (Plus, forcing a style would seem…well, you can guess.)

Check out our brand new Celtic Lookbook to see a few examples of campaigns we’ve created for our brand partners and get insights into how we create with purpose.