Have you googled something today? Did you notice something a little different?

Yes, Google updated its logo. With a fun little doodle, they let the internet know of the change. https://g.co/doodle/xsc6b5

Here’s what a few members of our creative team have to say about Google’s now look:



Anytime you make a change from a serif font to a san serif font, it’s an improvement in my book. I’m partial to san serif fonts so I like this version better. It’s essentially the same logo, different font. Same crooked “e”… the subtle change is good. Radical changes aren’t always necessary. They looked at how the brand is being viewed (not just on desktops anymore but on phones, watches, etc.) and revised with an icon. It’s not going to blow you away but it doesn’t need to. It’s Google. We all know it.


I love the new look! They turned their logo into a more modern and playful one by giving the dimension a flat look and switching to sans-serif type. To me, it makes so much sense for them to have their logo fresh and ahead of the times, because that’s what Google is all about. I also LOVED the animation that wipes away the old logo and draws a new one…very clever!


Google’s still around? I thought everyone switched over to Bing a few years back. In all seriousness, I think the switch to a more current and commanding san serif was a long time coming. The good thing is that the essence of the brand seems to still be present. I’ll continue to look forward to the daily animations and artwork they like to feature on the search page.

What are your thoughts on the new look?