Since 1876, Camillus has been supplying the world with reliable, innovative and quality-made knives that have survived the test of time. As one of the oldest knife manufacturers in the U.S., Camillus has developed a wide array of products for the hunting, fishing, sporting and tactical markets, including folding and fixed blade knives, machetes, multi-tools and more.

Camillus charged Celtic with developing a new ad campaign that would go beyond the standard product ad. They wanted to show a deep, emotional connection between the product and user experience. Consumers who use Camillus knives and tools are hunters, campers and outdoor lovers. Each of them pursues their adventures in their own way. Striking photography and compelling copy tell the story of each user and his knife, drawing viewers into a moment they either relate to on a personal level, or aspire to be.

The print and digital campaign encouraged consumers to share their personal stories on Camillus’ social media channels, which helped build deeper engagement between brand and consumer.