In the 1940s, George Webb made a bold prediction that his favorite hometown team would someday win 12 straight games in a row. His prediction hinted that fans would enjoy free burgers whenever that day came to fruition.

George Webb’s prediction first came true in 1987 when the Milwaukee Brewers won 13 straight games. To honor his commitment, George Webb restaurants served more than 170,000 free burgers to hungry fans across the state.

Flash forward 30+ years and Brewers’ fans will once again be lining up at George Webb Restaurants to claim a free burger thanks to the team’s win in game one of the NLCS against the L.A. Dodgers. To help manage the excitement of the free burger promo, George Webb turned to our team here at Celtic to orchestrate a variety of activities, including: public relations, social media and digital advertising.

“Our team has been working around-the-clock to distribute press materials, coordinate media interviews and engage with fans across a variety of social platforms,” said Brian Meehan, president of Celtic. “We expected a high level of interest here in Wisconsin, but this promotion has taken on a life of its own. We have national media outlets like ESPN, Sports Illustrated and USA Today calling for interviews. We even have Joe Buck and John Smoltz talking about the promo during the national telecast…it’s been crazy!

Social media has also played a significant role in building and maintaining excitement for the burger promotion. Our team has been busy developing content and interacting with fans across a variety of social platforms. To give you a sense of the excitement on social media, our Facebook post on Friday night announcing the 12th straight win reached 132,000 people and garnered  5,730 engagements and 1,600 shares. This was all achieved organically with no paid support. On Twitter, we recorded 321,000 impressions, 10,500 engagements and 1,011 retweets. Here’s a look at some of our most popular posts.

In addition to PR and social media, our creative department is executing a variety of digital and outdoor ads as well as posters, menus, vouchers and other collateral materials to support the promo.

“This is much bigger than a free burger giveaway,” Meehan stated. “This is an opportunity for fans to come together to celebrate the team they love, and for many, this is about reliving that iconic moment in ’87 when fans lined up outside George Webb restaurants alongside friends, family and neighbors for free, tasty burgers.”

If you’re reading this post, we hope you take some time on Thursday to grab a free burger courtesy of Mr. Webb himself, who so boldly predicted a 12-game win streak more than 70 years ago. Go Brewers!

Hungry fans are invited to celebrate the Brewers’ 12th straight victory this Thursday, October 18 from 2-6 p.m. at any George Webb restaurant. For more information about the free burger giveaway, click here.