Programmatic advertising is an automated way to buy audiences vs. buying ad placement on individual publisher websites. It is typically used for digital ad buying, but it is slowly rolling out to TV, radio, outdoor and other advertising mediums.  

Ad space/time is negotiated through buying and selling exchanges – similar to stock market trading. The exchanges use algorithms that are able to find the best placement at the most efficient cost for advertisers based on the price parameters set. Ads will then be placed in targeted media, essentially in real time. Due to the quick nature of this buying process, results of placements are able to be evaluated quicker and campaign tactics can be revised based on real-time performance. As a result, we are able to optimize the media buy during flight as compared to making changes after the buy has been completed. This buying technique ensures the most efficient and accurate ad placement possible and makes buying the correct audiences at the right time much easier.

“It’s not about placing an ad on a single website and hoping a consumer visits the site and sees it. Today, we can deliver highly-targeted ads to consumers no matter where they may be on the Internet. It’s about buying audiences…not websites.”

-Brian Meehan, President of Celtic, Inc.

Celtic has been using digital and TV programmatic advertising for several of our clients. One example is a campaign we developed for a national brand in the fishing category. We were able to target a specific niche of fishing enthusiasts through their website searches and other online behavior, app usage and social media visits. The campaign guaranteed delivery of our client’s ads to interested audiences by placing ads on websites and social media platforms, not just fishing-specific websites. In essence, we were able to identify targeted customers and serve them ads no matter what website they were visiting.

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