There’s something about iconic brands like Coca-Cola, Apple, or Levi’s that we gravitate toward. Whether they remind us of a time in our past, or perhaps a feeling of status or belonging, there’s no denying the power behind them. Wisconsin is chock full of brands that can absolutely be considered icons, including Celtic brand partners MillerCoors, George Webb Restaurants, and Kohler. But what makes the brands iconic?

Along with longevity and an excellent product, iconic brands have a bit of legend behind them. They also have a lot of people who will be seriously upset if anything changes too much (hello, New Coke). As marketers, it’s our job to strike the right balance between honoring the brand’s roots and updating it for modern audiences.

Our work with George Webb Restaurants is a prime example of blending the past with the present. We were asked to provide the brand with a fresh campaign that would appeal to new customers. However, we needed to make sure current customers wouldn’t be alienated by any drastic change. The company has always had a fun, upbeat personality thanks to its founder, George Webb. And, again thanks to Webb’s vision, it has always been focused on serving fresh, tasty food at a fair price.

Our team put two and two together to breathe new life into the company’s mascot, George. We cleaned up his look, and put him front-and-center on all new creative, including TV, online, in-store signage, and outdoor boards.

The result: Our creative department got to have a lot of fun, and more importantly, an iconic Wisconsin brand got a refreshed image that is inviting and welcoming to customers both new and old.