The year is 1992. “End of the Road” by Boyz II Men is #1 on the charts, and Wayne’s World is drawing crowds to the movie theater, where the average cost of a ticket is $4.15. But what was the Celtic Crew up to back in the day? I asked everyone to dive deep into their memory banks to try and guess what they were doing on this day 25 years ago. Take a look, then keep an eye out on our social media channels to find out why we care about 1992.

Jeff: I was working on the grounds crew at our city’s public golf course (some of the time very hung over) in the summer before my senior year of High School. We’d start work at 5am, get done around 2 or 2:30pm, play 9 or 18 holes of golf then go play baseball for my summer league team. Wash, rinse, repeat. Hard work but some of the greatest memories of my teen age life.

Kristin: I was probably running around the neighborhood with my friends, biking, swimming, etc. I was in elementary school, so I don’t really remember.

Robert: On June 23rd 1992, I was 24 days old, so probably crying and pooping my pants, I would guess. I don’t know if that’s appropriate for this blog post.

Kelly: I was on stage, graduating from Pre-K at Oconomowoc Nursery School.

Brian: I was a sophomore at Marquette U, living at McCormick Hall on Wisconsin Avenue. I was going to class by day, and depending on the season I was goaltending for Marquette Hockey or heading to a concert at the Rave, Pabst Theatre, etc. at night.

Jan: Taking care of two kids under the age of two and working evenings from home, part time for Celtic, which was then Celtic Advertising. The company name was later changed to Celtic Inc, dropping “Advertising.” None of the accounting was automated at the time and everything was done with paper and pencil on ledger columnar pads. How’s that for “old school?”

Cindy: I can pretty much guarantee that at this very moment in 1992 I was riding my horse. I used to get up every morning and go to the barn to ride, or have a lesson, before I had to go to work at noon. This was pre-ad agency days when I still worked at my grandpa’s camera store.

Becca: I wasn’t born yet, so nothing, I guess!

Liz: Woke up, showered, got dressed, woke the kids up, told kids to get dressed, reminded kids to get dressed, YELLED at kids to get dressed, spent another day in paradise (that would be Celtic), picked the kids up from baseball and soccer, made dinner (wait – probably got fast food), watched TV (Home Improvement, Mad About You, or Cheers), told kids to go to bed, YELLED at kids to go to bed, and asked myself, “Is it Friday, yet?” Next day? Same players, same routine, maybe a few new twists!

Katie: Any summer day in 1992 probably consisted of morning cartoons, playing in the sandbox and eating mac n cheese and popsicles. Those were the days.

Kristen: I was 16, just started driving. I was probably working my first ‘real’ job at McDonald’s. I started off at the counter, but soon I became so Mc-awesome, I was the drive-thru Queen!

Maddie: It would still be another two years before I was even born!

Lori: I was working full-time with a toddler and a kindergartener. I was probably very thankful that it was summer vacation from school. There may or may not have been a few times, well maybe more than a few times that I was so caught up in my work that I forgot to pick up my daughter after morning kindergarten class ended. I was very thankful for understanding teachers and bosses!

Rebecca: Being sullen and hating posers.

Nate: On this day in 1992 I was on an annual family fishing trip to Sturgeon Bay. This trip was something we did every year with one of my aunts and uncles. Both families would rent rustic cabins at Sand Bay Beach Resort for a week and chase Smallmouths by day and Walleyes at night. We had a lot of fun, made a ton of memories, caught a lot of fish, and even learned a few tricks like spitting on your line before tightening the knot. A tip that came from the Wacky Walleye guide service, which oddly enough, I had a shirt from that was considered my lucky shirt for my whole athletic career. For every track meet I ever had in high school or college I would wear that Wacky Walleye t-shirt under my warm-ups.

Kurt: Most definitely doing something I shouldn’t be doing. I’ll leave it at that.