Happy 2015! It’s a new year full of possibility for your brand. Now is the time to harness that positive energy and carry it through the year. Make smart brand resolutions that go beyond the usual research/plan/execute/analyze annual plan, and take your efforts to the next level. We have a few suggestions to help you get started.


Learn. Do a formal or informal audit of your current branding efforts to see where your brand has been and whether the status quo should stay, well, status quo. Take a look at your brand’s creative face and ask if it is really representing who you are as a brand, and what your brand aspires to. Is your message believable, or does it seem a little forced? Ask internal and external team members for their feedback.

Listen. Really listen. It sounds easy, but there’s more to it than you might think. It isn’t just about hearing. It’s about understanding, and when it comes to effectively marketing your brand (not to mention communication in general), it’s key. Pay attention to information you receive from your internal team, feedback from customers, industry leaders, your external advisors, and your own observations. Have an open mind, and be willing to let new information change your opinion.

Believe. Would you wear your branding message on a t-shirt? Would you wear it to an event unrelated to work? Would your other team members? If the answer is yes, that’s great! If it isn’t, it’s time to rethink what the brand is saying. From your logo to website content to collateral pieces and more, it all matters. And let’s face it – if you and your team don’t believe the message you’re sending, why should anybody else?

Share. Share your objectives and markers of success with your team. Share your concerns, share what makes you excited about your brand, and share your dreams for where you want it to go. And, when you reach a milestone, share that success with others too. It could be an internal story that boosts company morale, or it could be the basis for a great public relations piece. It could even wind up being part of future branding efforts. One thing is for sure: it won’t do your team or your brand any good if nobody knows it happened.

Trust. You and your team want your brand to do well. Does your agency? They should, and you should trust that they do. If they ask questions, listen, bring new ideas to the table and are excited to work with you and see you succeed, chances are they are the proactive marketers you hired them to be.

Act. Nothing changes if nothing changes. You don’t need to jump on every bandwagon, but if an opportunity comes up that is a good fit for your brand, your strategy and your budget why not explore the option? It could be as simple as changing up some ad placements, or using a new social media platform. Or, it could be time for an update to your brand’s identity. If you trust your team and know they take your success as seriously as you do, what do you have to lose?


These brand resolutions may be a little unorthodox, at least as far as resolutions go, but we believe they are worthwhile. In fact, we think they apply as much to advertisers as they do brands. They aren’t easy, and they aren’t things that just happen over night. But the good news is, just like personal New Year’s resolutions, having a partner who is on the same path can help all parties succeed.